Facade – a poem

If I told you I wasn’t okay Would you stop and listen to my tale of pain? Would you hold me tight Tell me everything’s gonna be alright Or would you roll your eyes and say – “You’re being so dramatic Life isn’t that bad Stop being a whiner Stop pretending to be sad!” But … More Facade – a poem

Lies or Truth?

“Stupid. Worthless. Fat/Ugly. Selfish. Cold. Uncaring. Annoying. Useless…” Words that are flung at us everyday, feeling like sharp grains of sand pelting our faces. “Lazy. Different. Disgusting. Unwanted…” Words that carry enough power to take the life of even the strongest, words that can break the bravest person’s spirit, steal the joy of the happiest. … More Lies or Truth?

Ireland – a poem

Look over this land Tell me, what do you see? ‘Tis a land where every heart is stout And every man’s dream is to be free Grass the color of emeralds Gray and blue skies that stretch to forever Water that foams, sings its own songs Mist drifting o’er the moors, like liquid silver In … More Ireland – a poem