My blog hasn’t been doing so hot lately, and by that, I mean, I haven’t been uploading like I used to. Nor have I been uploading like I need to. I have no problem churning out my short stories every week, but when it comes to writing anything else, i.e. a regular blog, poems (the … More STUCK!

Moment – a poem

I saw you there, looking through the crowd Your dark eyes wandered, searching, seeking They flitted over faces but never lingered too long As if you knew what it was that you sought But you weren’t sure where it’d be found~ I watched you, studied you, mesmerized, intrigued The faces around me melted into a … More Moment – a poem

Hurry Up, Spring!

Once upon a time, there was a woman who worked at an accounting office. Every day, she sat at her computer and dreamed of the day when she would look out the wall of windows she was placed by and see green, not white. She longed for the moment she would step out the door … More Hurry Up, Spring!