Our Disaster is NOT Your Platform! – a response to an influencer #nashvillestrong

Two days ago, East Nashville and the surrounding area was hit by a devastating storm that produced life taking tornados. In a matter of minutes for one town, more than 20 were killed, with dozens missing, and many more injured. The destruction is endless. The pain, sorrow, and loss will echo for years to come. … More Our Disaster is NOT Your Platform! – a response to an influencer #nashvillestrong

The Difference A Decade Can Make (my testimony)

Since everyone else is doing the 10-year challenge, I thought I’d join in, too. It’s amazing to see how much can change in a decade; how much a person can change. How much situations and relationships and thought patterns and beliefs and so much more can change. It can all change. Nothing, except for Jesus … More The Difference A Decade Can Make (my testimony)

Convenient Compassion

Having compassion will never be convenient. Having compassion will never happen when you’re fully rested, when you’ve had your coffee, and you feel good. It doesn’t happen when you’re done with work and you’ve got free time. Having compassion happens when you’re tired. When you’re sick. When you’re asleep and the phone rings. When you’re … More Convenient Compassion


Yes. Yes, I did indeed get fired. As a foreword to this blog, I want you to know that this isn’t edited. This isn’t prettied up. This isn’t anything but the truth, and yes, I cried while I wrote it. This is the raw version, this is exactly what I want to say. I want … More I GOT FIRED?!?