Don’t Give Up

“Sorry, but your book just isn’t what we’re looking for.” “Unfortunately, your manuscript doesn’t fit our criteria right now. Best of luck!” “Sadly, we regret to inform you that we have decided to not publish your manuscript.” She tapped a nail against the B key. Her emotions warred between anger and sadness. Her book was … More Don’t Give Up

“This is a pretty scary place You’re calling me to,” she whispered. “I don’t think I can do it.” She looked at the sky, wishing God would hang a neon sign in the clouds with an answer, but there was nothing, except for the gentle reminder of her dreams. L.A. was a long ways away, … More


My blog hasn’t been doing so hot lately, and by that, I mean, I haven’t been uploading like I used to. Nor have I been uploading like I need to. I have no problem churning out my short stories every week, but when it comes to writing anything else, i.e. a regular blog, poems (the … More STUCK!

“You look fat.” I took one last pull off my vanilla shake, getting that half empty straw sound, before pushing it away. “Gee, thanks, Callie,” my friend Bethany snapped, shoving her sandwich into a bag. “That’s only, like, the 13th time you’ve said that today.” I shrugged. “Someone’s gotta tell ya.”  At her disgusted sigh, … More